Bagno Vignoni

Few houses, a Turkish bath, amazing and quiet valley, blue gulf: this is Bagno Vignoni, a charming corner of the toscan lowland.

Ripa d'Orcia

Among the green bushes of Orcia the Middle Ages stagnate. An unpolished castle, the view of the thrushes, the geraniums, the bursted walls of the castle and a few cypresses: a vanished world, you will love it.

Vignoni alto, Rocca d'Orcia, Radicofani, Spedaletto.

Four castles, four types of fortification. Endless scenery, stone houses for every eventuality, few bushes of mint. These places have to be enjoyed in silence!


One of Italy's most harmonic square, a fortunate synthesis of the Renaissance. The light Doom, the linear refinement of the Piccolomini Palace, the dimness of the town hall, the wide windows of the bishop's palace, the redness of the tower, the Doom with its carved tower and a real jewel well stands in front of us as an unsurpassable unit.


After Montalcino, beautiful dormant sienan rocks among the greyish-green olive trees, we can find Sant'Antonio: a bell-tower covered by a big cypress, a thousand years old convents modest and solemn building in the deep of a quiet valley.

Monte Oliveto

A lively and organic red, inserted among the abundant cypress of the nature.Monte Oliveto reminds us of the Renaissance patterns and shows us, beside the power of imagination of Sodom and del Signorelli, elegant flower pots, beautiful miniatures and excellently carved wooden objects.


The home of Brunello can be the purpose of our visit because of the beautiful Fortezza, the monuments and because you have here one of the most beautiful views of Val d'Orcia.